Friday, July 18, 2008

Spirit Sin City 2 trailer online

Now, my views on Frank Miller adapting the classic Will Eisner Spirit into a movie are on public record: November 2006, February 2007.
But it would appear that dear old Frank has ignored my advice and gone ahead with it.

We've had teaser trailers for a while, basically acting as a big "look at the Hollywood talent I've got to appear" type thing. But now we get the first official trailer. You could go to the official website but my firefox took one look at the huge amount of javascript and just started playing up. So I looked here and watched it instead. It seems my firefox has very good taste indeed.

If it looked anymore like Sin City it would have to have Marv lumbering through it. Basically it looks absolutely nothing like a Spirit film should be. It certainly bears nothing more than a passing resemblance to anything I ever saw on an Eisner Spirit page.

Trailer is on Yahoo movies here.

And just in case you needed visual proof:

Will Eisner's Spirit. Very Good.

Darwyn Cooke's recent version, similarly very good and I said so here.

No. Dear God No.

Still, at least I'm not alone in this. Many others seem to think the trailer isn't the most promising start to the Spirit ad campaign. But of them all, Chris Weston's is the funniest commentary on it:
One tries to be professional... pouring scorn upon a fellow member of the comic-strip fraternity is not deemed appropriate or acceptable behaviour...
but, man alive! Does Frank Miller make it hard.
It's a labor not without its pleasures, though. Let's face it, being a full-time critic of Miller's work is a gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. Mikey7:37 PM

    This has the potential to be the worst comic book adaptation ever. Yes even worse than "Catwoman". Watch this than watch the trailer for "Watchmen" and see how a comic book movie should look!