Monday, July 07, 2008

Tales From The Flat - the movie!

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Okay, maybe not a movie, but Oliver Lambden of Tales From The Flat (see our review here) got in touch with some news of the work of friends of his:
Our good friends Alex Thomson, Jack Tomkins and Jon Hull recently completed their final piece for their film degrees at Manchester uni and they decided to make a short documentary all about Modern Monstrosity and The Camden Comics Stall. Give it a watch, it's bloody awesome, the soundtrack's amazing, it's only ten minutes long and it's viewable here: London Underground Comics MMU Degree Show Film.
The film is a mashup of comic art / animation and documentary following Oliver and Lawrence of Tales From The Flat from bedroom to workdesk, into Camden Market to the fabled London Underground Comics stall and then going west to the hot and seaty Brisatol Comics Convention where you can weep bitter tears as Oliver fails to get that Eagle Award (again!). And there's even added Oli Smith (although I hear that's some kind of contractual thing with London Underground Comics - Oli always gets camera time).


Over on the MMU website the film is described as:
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's.... London Underground Comics! - a short documentary which takes you into the weird and wonderful world of London's small press comic scene. The film focuses on a group of young comic creators who have been making big waves in the small press world. Their goal is to bring comics to the masses and armed with an arsenal of innovative material and using their stall in Camden Market as a base they start their bombardment on the general public. The film follows this team of gifted young people on their journey to the Eagle Awards in Bristol, where their comic 'Tales From The Flat' has been nominated for Best British Comic (Black & White). Will they get the recognition they so deserve? Will another bloody Manga snatch their trophy? Tune in to find out! London Underground Comics is a story about passion, dedication and a love for men in spandex.
This seems like a perfect time for a quick reminder about letting me see your small press comics. We're not saying a review on the FPI blog or here will lead to fame and fortune, but it's nice to be able to shout loudly about the great stuff going on in the British Small Press right now. We're always looking for your stuff to review. What have you got to lose. Just get in touch.

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