Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alan Moore - a critical analysis from the start ...

Over at Sequart, Andrew Edwards is busy with his Brought to Light column, which is planning on looking at every aspect of Moore's career. So far we're up to column 3, the Roscoe Moscow piece. Prior to this it was Maxwell The Magic Cat & an overview of where he's going to go with it all. Looking very impressive indeed.

Roscoe Moscow, rock and roll detective was a one pager from Sounds (March 31st 1979 - March 19th 1983). Written and drawn by Alan Moore (as Curt Vile) and co-written by Steve Moore (as Pedro Henry). It was his largest body of completely unavailable work. But then the Internet got involved in the shape of 4 Color Heroes and their Alan Moore for free site.

Thanks to them the entire run of these Alan Moore strips is online at the Alan Moore Sounds Project.

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