Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calvinball, Calvinball, Calvinball.....

If, like me, you are the source of entertainment and fun for your family during these loooong summer holidays, you may be struggling for something interesting and exciting to do that isn't going to cost you a small fortune.

Ladies & Gentlemen: I give you Calvinball.....


Some are nodding in wild excitement, others are looking at me all mysteriously. I shall explain. Calvinball is the near mythical sports event played by Calvin & Hobbes at various points in the strip's long run. It is basically a nonsense game, played by two or more people that up until now has been largely unknown because the rules were shrouded in time. However, thanks to Simply Calvin & Hobbes we now have a full set of the rules.

To give you an idea, here's the first couple:

1.1. All players must wear a Calvinball mask (See Calvinball Equipment - 2.1). No one questions the masks (Figure 2.1).
*IMPORTANT -- The following rules are subject to be changed, amended, or dismissed by any player(s) involved.
1.2. Any player may declare a new rule at any point in the game (Figure 1.2). The player may do this audibly or silently depending on what zone (Refer to Rule 1.5) the player is in.
Molly & I shall be off to the local park, with masks, to try it out. I may even post a full report and photos at some point. (Thanks to Laura of Comic Foundry for the link)

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