Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham......

Much shaking of head in bemused exasperation on reading this from the BBC:
Birmingham City Council has admitted sending out leaflets which showed its US namesake's skyline instead.
About 720,000 pamphlets praising Brummies for their recycling were sent around the city at a cost of £15,000.
But instead of showing landmarks such as the Rotunda and the new Selfridges building, it showed downtown Birmingham, Alabama, instead.
The council, which initially said it was a "generic skyline" and no mistake was made, later admitted the error.
The leaflet meant to thank residents for helping the city achieve its recycling targets early.
Another great example of big councils being utterly stupid. But it's not the mistake that really rankles, it's the attempt to cover it up, the assumption that we're stupid enough to fall for the "generic skyline" bollocks that really annoys. Back in the old days, living in Birmingham we had a lot of dealings with Birmingham City Council. And very, very few of them were positive and encouraging about the future of the city.

Of course, the other thing we should probably be asking is why did the council think it was a good idea to spend £15,000 to send out 720,000 pieces of paper to thank the residents for all their recycling efforts?

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