Sunday, August 17, 2008

Smuggling Vacation comes to Birmingham

The creators behind Him & Her's Smuggling Vacation, as reviewed and enjoyed greatly in these parts a little while ago are signing in Birmingham next weekend.


The signing is being held at Borders in the Bull Ring between 1 & 4pm on Saturday 23rd August. Jas Wilson will be there and is telling us that Birmingham's very own comic superstar, Mr Hunt Emerson will be along to sign as well. So it's really a nice two for one deal on the day.

Well worth popping along to get your gear signed (no, not that sort of gear).

But obviously, given my allegiances to Nostalgia & Comics, the FPI store in Birmingham (I spent 19 years man and boy there before moving away to Yorkshire - details here) I would recommend that you go along to Borders to support these local artists but head down to the shop to support your local specialist comic reatiler as well. After all, if you don't support your specialist now they may not be around in the years to come. Whereas Borders will be here for a long time whatever you do.

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