Sunday, August 03, 2008

Watchmen - I've seen those before I think?

The teaser posters from the Watchmen movie have been released, and you'll possibly recognise them. Especially if you were around in 86/87 when the original comics were released. (& as a quick aside, if you do have those individual issues, now may be a good time to get them onto ebay!).

Part of me is impressed by Snyder's adherence to the look of the original iconic ads. But part of me just feels slightly guilty because the visual impact of the ads is only so impressive because of the creative collaboration between Moore & Gibbons. But only one name will be on the billboard.

Newsarama has a detailed breakdown, image by image of them, whilst Comicmix has lovely full images of the lot should you want to look. So I'll just reproduce what was always one of my favourite images from the whole series: Ozymandias contemplating the world:



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