Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hunt Emerson's Large Cow .....

Hunt Emerson's website Large Cow is proving to be a black hole of time stealing delight. I was directed there via Pete to have a look at the Owl & The Pussy Cat three page strip from the Beano and I find myself looking around for the best part of an hour at some wonderful artwork:

How about this, a character sheet for the Beano, just to see how Hunt would do Dennis The Menace? Personally I think he'd be an inspired choice for the strip.

Or even something as nice as this, a map of his neighbourhood for his local resident's association when they were looking at traffic in the area. So much incredible detailing and still packed with funny bits as well even for something as simple as this:

And there's much, much more. So go to Large Cow now, it's well worth losing an hour or so of your time.

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