Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Atheist / Agnostic Bus

The Atheist Bus? I'm with Neil Gaiman on this one - "There's probably no God" says Agnostic to me rather than Atheist. But a fine piece of advertising nonetheless


  1. "But a fine piece of advertising nonetheless"

    Oh ya, that's pure genius.

    "I'm pretty sure that there's no God so screw the world - Eat, Drink and be Merry."

    That's sure to draw thousands to atheism

  2. Well, Makarios completely misrepresents what the message actually means.

    Surely it actually means that if you don't believe in, or question the existence of God then maybe, just maybe, you should just get on with life, doing what you can to enjoy it.

    Religion always seems to equate enjoying oneself to decadence and a lack of care for the world.

    My way to not believe in God involves believing in me, caring about people and the world and enjoying myself as well. I don't need a religion to prop up my faith in myself.

    But I can respect those that do. I just wish that those who do believe could always give me the same respect for my beliefs.