Friday, October 03, 2008

Birmingham Comic Show - this weekend - apologies for the need to sit down a lot.... and the lack of small talk....

It's the Birmingham Comics Show this weekend. Starting with the Launch Party Friday night and then two days of comic goodness.
Except for me, it's just the Launch Party and Saturday. For some reason the Catholic Church has refused my perfectly reasonable request to defer Molly's first Holy Communion to a later date. Have they no respect for culture at all?

So later today, after the customary few hours sleep I shall head off, waving goodbye to Louise and Molly, and arrive in Birmingham, drop gear off at hotel and head for party.

Unfortunately my back is spasming at the slightest movement, so wandering around the show is the last thing I really need. So if anyone at the show is reading this wondering why I didn't hang around talking to them for that long before heading off for the comfort of a sit down, that's the reason why. Well, that and the complete hatred of doing small talk and my general fear of being overly sociable.

But I do have various people I have to say hi to this time. Expect photos. Molly's also expecting sketches. God help me. I'll be on a cane by Monday I think.

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