Friday, October 31, 2008

DFC day - issue 23, the Halloween issue.....

Molly and I spent a fair bit of today talking about the DFC, drawing characters from the DFC and then, as it popped through the letterbox at midday, reading the Halloween issue of the DFC.

And then it occurred to me that I really haven't talked about the DFC enough. Every single week for the last 23 weeks it's dropped onto the doormat and Molly and I have read it each week. Yet, there's barely a mention of it here at Fictions. Okay. Time to change all that then. Each week, Friday is DFC post day.

This week is special Halloween week. Cover and interior strip called Will Scoggin's Skull by the great John Welding, written by Ben Haggarty.

And lots more besides. As usual, Molly's favourites are the funny, cartoony ones: Vern & Lettuce (Sarah McIntyre), Crab Lane Crew (Jim Medway), Fish Head Steve (Jamie Smart), Sausage & Carrots (Simone Lia). But I'm enjoying the return of Mo-Bot High (Neil Cameron) and am loving the Mezolith strip (Ben Haggarty & incredible art by Adam Brockbank).

Go to the DFC site. Subscribe. Either for you or a child you know. Christmas is coming and a subscription makes a great present.

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