Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Molly's sketches from the Birmingham International Comic Art Show 2008

One thing that I did do this time at the comic art show, that I haven't done at a comic event since I was a teenager, was to take a sketch pad along with me. I'd made a throwaway comment a while ago to Molly about some of the artists who might be there and she was suddenly desperate to have sketches from them

Many, many thanks to all the artists who helped make Molly very happy when I showed them to her on Sunday evening. She absolutely loves them all. Even D'Israelis - because she doesn't think it's as bad as he did!

The whole lot can be seen here: Molly's Comic Sketches.

The only problem is that she's hooked now.
Top on her list is a Vern & Lettuce by Sarah Macintyre. Maybe Bristol next year.

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