Sunday, November 09, 2008

Congratulations to David Baillie...

Small Press stalwart, a producer of some very fine comics indeed; David Baillie has written a touching love letter to 2000AD on his blog. And after all these years of buying it every week, he's pleased to tell us that this week he didn't need to buy it as he got comp copies of Prog 1611. Inside is Baillie's first 2000AD work:
My first story for 2000AD is called The Lie and it's drawn by Nick Dyer, whose stuff I've admired in Futurequake productions for ages now. I couldn't be more proud of it, and hope you like it if you get a chance to pick it up and read it for yourself.

It was great to have something in Judge Dredd Megazine for most of last year, but to have my work appear in 2000AD, a comic whose history is so entwined with my own, feels incredible. It's like I've joined a rich comic tapestry that also includes Dredd, Alpha and Bix Barton, Hewligan's Haircut and Time Flies, Joe Pineapples coming out while I sat on the community centre wall talking to my mate Joe, finding out that the Dead Man was Judge Dredd while listening to Atlantic 252 in my gran's spare room one summer, discovering Slaine, Halo Jones and Hap Hazzard, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, John Smith, Peter Milligan, Pat Mills, John Wagner, Alan Grant... I know my story is but one stitch in the gigantic thirty year rug of 2000AD, but what a thing to have a stitch in!

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