Friday, November 14, 2008

DFC 25 out now.....

New DFC came through the door today.

Cover is from Prince Of Baghdad. Not one of Molly's favourites, as she always prefers the funny stuff rather than the adventure stuff.

Another great issue though, despite Molly not liking the cover that much. Vern & Lettuce and Crab Lane Crew were, as usual, the first things she went for. We're off to Thought Bubble in Leeds later and she's looking forward to seeing lots of different artists, but most of all she's looking forward to seeing Simone Lia, author of the great Fluffy and more importantly to Molly; Sausage & Carrot, the 3 panel strip on the back of the DFC.

The big disappointment for me is the end (for now) of Mezolith. Initially I wasn't that keen but over the last few weeks it's become a favourite.

One interesting development is reported by Sara McIntyre (Vern & Lettuce). She's saying that the DFC will be trialed in Tesco for one week only from November 26th. Interesting indeed....

The DFC is a fantastic comic for children of all ages (& grown ups of all ages too for that matter). It's available via subscription only from the DFC website.

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  1. Glad to hear Molly's liking Vern and Lettuce. :-)
    I hope Thought Bubble is going well, I was sorry not to be able to go this year!