Saturday, November 29, 2008

DFC # 27 - out now.

This weeks DFC arrived yesterday. Another very good issue, just like we've come to expect. Molly wouldn't let it go until bedtime.

Underneath the great Laura Howell Mighty M cover there's the usual wonderful mix of interesting strips. Laura's Mighty M continues in the rich form it started in last week.

Favourites are still in there, so there's more Vern & Lettuce, more Crab Lane Crew, more Sausage & Carrots. All of which kept Molly very quiet and happy. The new strip Peach De Punch also had her interest. It's almost a mix of Violet and Crab Lane Crew in this first episode; manga stylings and a sedate, uneventful story. Looks like it may develop into a favourite for her.

My disappointment in the loss of Mezolith looks like it may be tempered by the forthcoming Mirabilis. Based on the one page ad in this issue, it looks like it's going to be gorgeous. The artwork reminds me greatly of Bret Blevins and John Watkiss in it's style. It's starting in DFC 30, the double sized Christmas issue and may well be another strip, like Mezolith, that sits rather at odds with the rest of the comic, but gets in just on being beautiful and interesting.

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