Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here comes the rain again ... drip, drip, drip

Yorkshire. Winter. Rain. Leaking Roof.
These things just keep coming back to haunt us.
I was going to bed last night when I heard the familiar drip....drip......drip....drip when I went in to tuck Molly in. Get the ladders out, into the attic above Molly's room, turn the torch on and no surprise at all - there's the water coming in through the roof again.

Obviously what's happened is that the water has been coming in for a while, dripping in and soaking all of the cavity wall insulation until it can saturate it no more and finds release by dripping onto the plasterboard of the ceiling below. No marking on the ceiling fortunately but that's small consolation really.

As always, it happens on a weekend so I get to be miserable, stressed, depressed and generally feel crap all day and night before I can start the all to of familiar cycle of frustration that is trying to get hold of our builders. We looked back on the letters today and realised it's been 21 months since we first reported this to the builders.

Both Louise and I are wondering how on earth we're ever going to get this sorted properly. It's hugely depressing. What a shit end to what has been a lovely half term.

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