Saturday, December 13, 2008

DFC # 29 - Out Now

The latest DFC landed on the mat today. Wrapped in an absolutely gorgeous cover by Emma Vieceli matched by a fantastic Violet strip inside. Time to start petitioning the DFC for more Emma I think.

As for the rest of the issue, it's much as last week. Which is to say it's really, really good. This is the problem really with trying to do a post on it every week. Every week you need to assume that Vern & Lettuce, Crab Lane Crew and Sausage & Carrots were our favourites.

No new strips this week, and all in all, it's really just a prelude to the bumper sized Christmas issue next week. But what is inside is up to the very high standard of late. Some folks have recently said that it's slipped somewhat, but it's possible that's it's just positioned itself slightly younger at the moment with the cartoony strips (technical term there). Maybe in the new year, with new strips Mirablis and Frontier plus the return of John Blake, the older readership will be a little more satisfied? If you're wondering what either of those two new strips look like, both have new websites: Simon Cobley & Andrew Wildman's Frontier & Mirabilis by Dave Morris, Leo Hartas, Nikos Koutsis, with covers and interior paintings by Martin McKenna. Both look pretty special to be honest. Molly wont like them (at least I don't think she will, bit I think I will).

Personally I think it's looking great at the moment. Go to the DFC website for subscription details.

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  1. Yay - glad you liked my last submission, hon.
    I was chuffed with this week's as it's the first violet strip that I completed start to finish. I had time to do the colours as well (normally I have the lovely Traci Hui working with me), so it's a complete for petitioning the DFC, hell - I've no objections ;)