Wednesday, December 24, 2008

DFC Previews launches

In all of the coverage of the DFC we had over the last month, one factor became obvious. We all wanted the DFC to do well and I kept wondering how the DFC could manage to raise it’s exposure to those that needed to see it most. After all, if children can’t see it, they’re hardly likely to start pestering for subscriptions from adults with credit cards are they?

Well, the DFC have been working on just this and are in the middle of many things to help raise the comic’s exposure. The one week only availability in Tescos came first as a trial to see how it would impact sales. Then came the great idea of sending out Christmas cards to subscribers with free DFC comic offers for the recipientts. Each subscriber got 4 cards with a code to use online to get a free comic. We sent ours off earlier this month and hopefully all four recipients will be sending off for their free issues.


And now, after six months of having the website live, the DFC has finally gotten around to making some previews available online at There’s a new micro-site with slections of several of the strips available to view. It’s a good idea and hopefully will encourage a few more people to take the plunge in 2009 and subscribe.

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