Sunday, December 21, 2008

Laura Howell on the Beeb website....

The BBC magazine website has an interview with Laura Howell, multi-talented cartoonist, creator of The Mighty M & Sneaky in the DFC, Johnny Bean of Happy Bunny Green (Asbos come to Trumpton), writer of the Beano’s Ratz and much more besides (see her website for details.


(Johnny Bean, written and drawn by Laura Howell in the pages of the Beano.)

In comics it’s always nice to hear people taking about how bloody great it is to be paid for making comics, and Laura sounds like she’s having a ball:

“There is nothing like sitting down to draw a small boy catapulting hedgehogs over a road,” she laughs. “You think to yourself ‘Someone’s paying me to draw this.”

“I never dreamed I would be making comics. All of my e-mail list is now full of people creating the comics I was reading when I was a child,” she says.

With perceivable joy, she adds: “I am not sure I can picture myself doing anything else that would make me so happy. I do love it.”

Full article at the BBC News magazine site.

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