Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008. TWTYTW

New Years Eve 2008.

I was going to write a long meandering post about the year gone by, but after trying to start it 3 times I've realised that I don't need to. Pretty much everything I need to say has been said already over the year and it's all here to find.

New Year has never been a particularly wonderful time of year for me. There's just a strange anti-climax to it all. A sense that you absolutely must have fun at midnight on New Years. I have to say, I have very rarely had a New Year like I'm actually meant to have according to everyone else. It's certainly easier to have a great New Year when your younger. The idea of going out and having fun is somewhat easier then. Whereas now it's watching Jools, watching the fireworks, having a drink and usually talking about previous New Years.

But Happy New Year to you, may 2009 be a damn sight better for us all.

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