Sunday, January 11, 2009

I used to buy toy cars with my Christmas money ..... Molly gets her i-pod touch

Okay, not quite true. It was Christmas and Holy Communion money that paid for it. She's been after a new Ipod for a long time, having used an old ipod mini for a little while.

The orriginal plan was to get a Nano. But then cousin Helen came down just before christmas and showed Molly all the lovely things she could do with the Ipod Touch. A couple of application store games later and Molly is sold on the idea.

By the end of Christmas she'd saved enough in extra Christmas money and Grandma & Grandpa pocketmoney to pay for it. Then the pestering started. We gave in today and went and got it. It's shiny and lovely and I really want one, because Molly's only letting me use it to sync her music and apps and put the passwords in for the apps store.

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