Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brendan McCarthy's Doom Patrol

Rich Johnston’s Lying In The Gutters this week had this little nugget of spectacular beauty for all of us. Back in the depths of time (1991), Brendan McCarthy and Grant Morrison got together to bring us issue 45 of the Doom Patrol, a comic that McCarthy had already done some initial character designs for:


Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol was a wonderous, technicolour nightmare of a series, taking the concept of the world’s strangest heroes and really going wild. One of the many fun and interesting characters Morrison introduced was Danny The Street; the time-travelling, dimension-hopping, sentient, transvestite street that featured throughout Morrison’s marvellous run on this comic, still very possibly my favourite of any comic run. Issue 45 was marked out to be a special imaginary tale of Danny The Street, written by Morrison and drawn by McCarthy but sadly it never got beyond the script stage, tantalisingly covered in McCarthy’s character doodles. Such a shame.

Anyway, the scans of the script are here. And you should already be familiar with The Strangeness Of Brendan McCarthy.
Doom Patrol.jpg

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