Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've never been interviewed before..........

I've been interviewed by Matthew Badham over at the Bugpowder blog as part of a series on people in the UK comics scene. Quite shocked and very chuffed to be asked to be honest. Interview is here. Actually it's not really an interview, more a blog post / statement of intent about small press reviews and my background in the comics world.

The Bugpowder blog is essential reading for anyone interested in keeping up with the UK Small Press and self-published movement. And Matthew's picked an interesting selection of folks to talk to:

So far we have:

Francesca Cassavetti - she of the long titled comics including The Most Natural Thing In The World (review here).

Karrie Fransman - Author of My Peculiar World in The Guardian G2 section every Friday and talented mini-comics maker.


(My Peculiar World by Karrie Fransman)

Marc Ellerby - maker of fine comics and webcomics. We’ve talked of Mark often and reviewed him here.

Lizz Lunney - another fine purveyor of wonders. Review is here.

Rob Jackson - maker of some lovely comics as reviewed here.

Adam Cadwell - autobiographical comics wonderkind and guiding light of the Manchester Comix Collective. (Joe caught this one earlier)
Adam Caldwell.jpg

(Cover to The Everyday Volume 2 by Adam Cadwell.)

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