Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, I could do this all the time... the joy of the half day.

We had the gasman coming round yesterday afternoon to check the heating system (amazingly, given the trouble with the roof, there's nothing wrong with the central heating) so it was home for lunch and a pleasant afternoon adding stuff to the school website. An afternoon of genuinely working from home rather than the usual where I work from home in the evenings and weekends. It gets better as well: since I have a car check up this friday and the NHBC are coming round next friday I'm having to take both of those mornings as work at home mornings as well.

And I'm absolutely sold on it. It's very, very easy to get loads of things done, completely free from distractions. The only downside of it of course is that working from home means I don't actually get to do anything with the children. However, today was a relatively clear afternoon after 2 sessions with the children trying to explain robot directions and having an impromptu maths lesson on angles and then a session on information, searching an online encyclopaedia and finding out fun stuff about animal. The favourite of the class? A tie between the Owl being able to turn it's head almost 360 degrees and the Gecko being able to jettison it's tail and grow another one.

So I think some sort of arrangement where all the stuff involving kids is in the morning and then all the tech stuff is done in the afternoon and I get to do those at home if it's possible to. I think that's a great idea. Wonder if the head will go for it?

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