Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tom Spurgeon on Essential Avengers Volume 2

And it is oh so good. Spurgeon's Comics Reporter is a must visit comic site. Excerpt from the review of Essential Avengers Volume 2:

The crying androids can wait. At this point it's still all about copious ass-beatings and ladies straight from the set of Mad Men proclaiming the handsome awesomeness of Hercules. Mostly, it's the violence. Don Heck and especially John Buscema drew all of their male superheroes as thick-shouldered brutes, the kind of people you could imagine punching out livestock, drinking things out of barrels, cuffing one another to the floor of the kitchen in order to grab the last pop tart. In fact, my childhood comprehension of the title was of a bunch of large, angry men sitting around a house waiting for a call to go thump something.

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