Friday, February 13, 2009

DFC Friday - Issue 37

It's Friday, so it's DFC day. The red and yellow envelope was waiting for us as we got back from school. Well, neither Molly or I may not really like the strip, but that's one impressive cover featuring Spider Moon (keep wanting to write Sailor Moon!) which starts it's second run in the comic this week.

The other notable newbie / returnee is Gary Northfield's really great Lil' Cutie. (And have you all picked up your copies of his ace Derek The Sheep?) Molly very happy to see it back. Molly had a quick look at it before rushing out of the door for a snowball fight (as great as the DFC may be - there's no way it's going to win over the prospect of a snowball fight - quite right as well). She thought Vern & Lettuce looked "pretty" again with the gorgeous salmon pink colours and that was about it.

I've read it though while she's been outside and it's business as usual, which is no bad thing where business as usual is excellence through most of the pages. Elsewhere in the comic we have more Frontier (which is still suffering from the problem of too little per page - but still entertaining despite that) and another 5 pages of Mirabilis, which appears to be slowing slightly and as it does the art looks a little less polished, a little more rushed. Still keen to see the collection to read it in one go, but hope the quality holds up to the end. Vern & Lettuce, Sausage & Carrots, Bodkin & The Bear, Super Animal Detective Squad all highly enjoyable.

And there's a little preview of a new strip beginning next week: Spectrum Black. Looks lovely and has the required "lots of stuff on each page" factor that seems to be essential for the serious adventure strips to really work. More on that next week.

But in the meantime - get off and subscribe!

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