Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schoolwork ideas

Currently I'm trying to get an old fashioned dull old boring web 1.0 website fully ready for public release to the school. The idea is to use it like I use the current one, as a repository for links and ideas for lessons - a public favourites if you like.

But I really want to find the time to do more. I want to get Year 6 blogging. They're capable of it, once they have a little intro and guidance from me. The blogs all set up and ready, just have to find the time to launch it.

And I wouldn't mind trying to think of a good way to use twitter in an education based environment. Any ideas for that one? I'm too tired to think of one right now.

The main problem I have is that right after finishing the website project I have to launch into the Learning Platform project. Not looking forward to that at all. But I may try to free up at least a half term to launch the blog and other bits. That's the main problem with working in a primary school, there's just never enough time to do all of the great things that we could do.

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