Thursday, March 19, 2009

Builder living in his own little builder world.....

He looked at me completely seriously yesterday and told me he'd probably be finished by the weekend. Maybe I should have asked him which weekend?

Because I very much doubt it's going to be this one. It's Thursday. He's got to finish the replacement of the drip trays and flashing on the road side. He's got to dismantle the scaffold, re-erect it behind the house, work out why the hell the roof is leaking that way. And then he's got to get onto the main roof and fix the gas flue.

So I think we'll have the grown up climbing frame for a little while longer. And the builder. And the mess. And the leak. In fact I think I'll only acknowledge that we don't have the leak anymore when we've had at least a months worth of heavy rain and a completely dry attic.

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