Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day of stupid big sci-fi movies and folks on ice

Strange kind of Mother's Day over here. After a morning spent opening her presents, we've spent a lovely day, went out for a walk around Pocklington and ended up spending the afternoon watching one of Louise's presents.

She's always had a real love for big, stupid sci-fi. Armageddon, Terminator; that sort of thing. Hates some of my favourite sci-fi. Doesn't like 2001, not too keen on Close Encounters. But today we spent the afternoon watching Independence Day. Yes, that big, stupid clunky bit of sci-fi with the really stupid ending. And we had a fab old time doing so.

Next up, Molly & Louise have got three hours of Dancing on Ice to watch. It's the final it seems. They're both very excited about it. I'll be upstairs. But they'll have a great time.

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