Friday, March 06, 2009

DFC Friday. Only three to go now....

Issue 40 dropped through the door today. But it was a bitter sweet moment after the news earlier this week that Random House have put the DFC up for sale and if a buyer isn't found issue 43 will be the last one.

So every strip I enjoyed, every strip Molly loved in this issue was met with great fun but also some sadness. It's the very last (in the DFC at least) Vern & Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre, something she talks about here. At least she's one of the lucky ones in a way, having wrapped up Vern & Lettuce this issue for a break before coming back in issue 52. Sadly that wont be happening now. And it's a gorgeous double page spread from Sarah as well:

Jim Medway's Crab Lane Crew returns this issue, but it won't be finishing in the DFC. Hopefully Jim will find some way to get his proposed 12 issues out - someone fancy publishing the whole lot as a graphic novel? Go on, it's fab.

But the artistic highlight here is the new strip; Donny Digits, 3 pages of beautifully drawn wackiness by Woodrow Phoenix. Previously serialised in the Guardian (read some online starting with episode 1 here).

Super Animal Adventure Squad by James Turner is excellent as ever, Sausage & Carrots by Simone Lia was as funny as ever and Julian Hanshaw's Chicken Caesar Jnr gets funnier each week.

But sadly there wont be that many weeks left.


  1. DFCFAN!7:58 PM

    Very sad new about the dfc ending...

    But on the brighter side Sarah Mcintyre on her blog said that she and the editors were planning to make the last issue extra special!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I think they should put every single strip in issue 44, since thats going to be the last one. Also some strips should have other strips in. They should also have The Oinky Awards!!!