Friday, March 27, 2009

Final DFC. Sad day.

DFC 43 back DFC 43 front
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It came through the door a few minutes ago. Lovely, bittersweet cover.

I haven't read it yet, only flicked through it. To be honest I've cheated somewhat and opened it before Molly. Have to glue down the envelope again when I'm finished here so Molly can open it herself when she's home from school.

DFC 43 inside 1 DFC 43 2
(Click on the pics for bigger Flickr versions)

There's a lot of very sweet moments throughout the entire comic, with many of the creators saying their goodbyes and thank-yous. And best of all, Molly gets a name check from Jim Medway at the back! (Unless it's another Molly that is. Doubt it though. And we'll certainly tell Molly it's her!)

(Thanks to Jim Medway for the mention. And thanks to all of the creators who've emailed to say thanks to Molly for her work on promoting the DFC)

Friday just wont be the same anymore. Sad, sad day.

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