Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Molly's parent's evening...

What a lovely little girl we have it seems. Sometimes, when she's stropping around the house like the teenager she's trying to impersonate it's a little too easy to remember exactly how good she is. And then you go to a parent's evening at her school and are told, in glowing terms, that she's absolutely lovely in class and pretty damn bright indeed.

She's doing really well in Year 5, helpful, considerate, friends with just about everyone, gets involved, tries really hard and works incredibly hard.

Practically perfect in every way really. But I would say that wouldn't I?


  1. So you haven't buggered up this parenting lark yet then?!

  2. Surely this increases the pressure for her to be rewarded with a puppy now :-)? I mean, that Obama chap's getting one for his girls and I don't think they got such a good report as Molly!

  3. Yes, the clamour for a puppy continues. Unfortunately for Molly it looks like our attempts to convince the grandparents to get one has stalled. She may have to wait until I retire to get one!