Thursday, March 05, 2009

Working at home - Mondays and Fridays........

Had a word with the head this week about the ongoing problem of trying to get the old website transferred to the new website by the end of March. Essentially I've hit a brick wall with it. I've done the majority of the pages to the casual eye. All of the school information is up, all of the parents information, all of the governors information and all of the nice things like pupil gallerys and artwork is up and looking fabulous.

But my problem is that I spent far too much time populating the old website with pages and links that were designed for the pupils to use in lessons and at home. The idea being that if we could integrate the website into the daily life of the school it would make it far more useful and looked at more often than an average school website.

The problem is that, despite being better in so many ways, the new school website really makes the creation of long pages of links a real pain. It's all in the way that it renders a page; each title text box, each descriptive text box and each associated link is a different unit on the page. So when it comes to making a big long page of links it takes absolutely ages to refresh.

So the prospect of doing about 50 pages of links that I created for Years 3-6 filled me with dread and the realisation that I wasn't going to get it done before the end of March unless I fancied doing a lot of late nighters.

The result of the chat with the head: Every Monday afternoon and Friday morning I'm working from home on the website. Hopefully that will give me enough time. But I bet night works will be called for even then.

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