Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad Day.....

Or at least it is so far. Had to drop Molly off at a local school for a sports camp type of thing. On the way over I hear rattling from underneath the car. On the way back it gets worse. So that's something else to add to the list of stuff going wrong. Arrrrgh.

I'm not good with stuff going wrong at the best of times but it's worse when it's multiple stuff. So now it's the toilet, the car and we're still not sure about the roof since it's still refusing to rain properly up here in lovely sunny Yorkshire.

Plus I'm running out of days to get everything done that I planned to over the holidays. Stress, stress, stress. O course, most of the stress isn't real stress, it's just me putting the stress onto myself - something I've really got to sort out. Maybe tomorrow. After I get all the work done of course. Right, off to pick molly up, then drop the car in, then meet the plumber, then see if I can get hold of the decorator to see if he can come and reseal our leaky front door, then get lunch, then , then, then, then....... arrrgh.

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