Monday, April 13, 2009

Nice to see the teachers taking a rational view of the current economic situation

Is it just me or does the NUT always seem to come across like some spolit, moany child? Forever demanding more, forever complaining about their lot, never really considering those around them.

They're now asking for demanding a 10% pay rise. Great timing. When all around you are taking pay cuts, losing their jobs, houses, pensions and all is generally a bit crap with the world, the NUT feels it has the right to ask for 10%. Genius. This is on top of a great pension and retirement at 60. It just seems so greedy, so inconsiderate and just generally unprofessional. So no change there then.

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  1. Yeah, it angers me when those in pretty secure government funded jobs like this complain about pay when they earn far more than I do, get to retire early (why? I understand that for firefighters, but why teachers?), good pension, better holidays, all paid by our taxes, then demand more. I'm not putting teachers down, its a vital job, but come on, get a bloody grip. I have several teachers in the family and they ain't exactly hurting for money - decent house, multiple cars, good holidays, underpaid my arse...