Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Previews is getting choosy. Maybe not bloody choosy enough....

A few months ago we all heard the news that Diamond Comics Distributors was increasing the minimum levels of sales needed for them to carry a comic or graphic novel. Now it's their ball game and they're the only players in town, so what they say happens to go. And a lot of what they said makes sense. Times are tough, belts are tightened, limits raised etc etc. I understood all of that.

But then we get the latest Previews catalogue coming out. Editor Marty Grosser says that they're being a little more choosy over what gets in. But how does that possibly tie up with this?

Choosy? Oh, please. Looking at the Zenescope webpage I can only assume this is something to do with Salem's Daughter: "Anna is a direct descendant of one of Salem's accused and there is more to the beautiful girl than meets the eye… much more."

And no, I didn't look through Previews. I gave up on wading through the shitty design and the page after page of bilge like that a long time ago. But CBR still does it for me.

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