Sunday, May 03, 2009

Grant Morrison announces major new project - oh shit, it's this.....

From the Wizard interview which Weekly Crisis has read so I don't have to:

I've started a series called The Multiversity, which will pick up a bunch of strands from 52 and Final Crisis. Back when we laid out the return of the Multiverse in 52, I asked if I could establish some of these books as potential ongoing series. We wanted to set up each universe as its own franchise. [...]
So this is my big project for the next year, and I'm working on books for seven different parallel universes. Each one is a first issue with a complete story and series bible. Each one spotlights the major superhero group of a different alternate reality. And they all link together together as a seven-issue story that reimagines the relationship between the DCU and the Multiverse.

I love Grant Morrison, but I haven't read anything by him in ever such a long time. The last thing I read was All Star Superman Volume 1, which was genius stuff. But everything else has been so involved in the complex headache inducing continuity heavy stuff of Final Crisis and the like. Now some folks are saying that it might be a continuity free thing - seeing as each issue takes place in a separate DC world as a self contained story. But that doesn't play - that just means I have to attempt to navigate 8 different shite continuity nightmares instead.

I want MY Grant Morrison back dammit.

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