Saturday, May 23, 2009

Half Term, no school work, bring on the reviews. And the gin.

Oh look, it's nearly 3am.
I'm struggling to stay focused. One bit of me wants to finish the review I started an hour back, one bit of me wants to desperately work out how to get to any of the new That Petrol Emotion gigs they've announced (completely wrong for me - a few weeks later and I'd be on holiday or a little better scheduling and I'd be able to make a local gig on a weekend) and a big bit of me wants to go to bed.
Yes, it's half term and it's late and the gin has flowed too plentifully. Tomorrow we have Coraline in 3D but tonight the night appears to be still young.
More gin I think and then finishing the review, which means tomorrow night shall be spent wondering what the bloody hell I really meant to say in the review. Yes, drunk reviewing - never a good idea in the light of the morning.

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