Saturday, May 30, 2009

missing gigs again.....

That Petrol Emotion are touring again. And it's one of those tours where I'm going to find it so difficult to make it to any of them. Not good. Either too far away on a weekend or on a school night. Bother. And this is after missing out on the Kraftwerk gig in Manchester happening in July. (I could get tickets from ebay but I haven't got the 300 quid or so that they're going for.)

It's something I really miss about living in Birmingham, having gigs on the doorstep that I could walk to and walk home from. Now I have only the choice of York or Leeds, driving to gigs and sriving home. it's just not the same. last year I was really lucky to be able to get to see That Petrol Emotion in the summer holidays and Carter on a saturday, but it looks like this year I wont be so lucky. Damn.

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