Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Richard did this Weekend

Being the mildly anti-social, typically only child sort that I am, I took myself away for me weekend. Friday I travelled down to Birmingham and met up with friends at Nostalgia & Comics for comics and drinkys. A lovely night was had by all, and a bad head in the morning wass had by me.

Saturday I took my miserable, anti-social self off to Dudley. It's something in my personality that never goes away. No matter how much i enjoy the company of friends, no matter how much I love being me and having family and Molly around, there are still times where I can just take myself away from it all and be completely alone for a day or so and just have me time. Selfish perhaps, but tolerated in the household. Anyway, Molly and Louise had plans for a good meal out on Friday and a trip to the cinema to see hannah Montana on Saturday as part of their great girly weekend.

Whilst they were busy watching Miley Cyrus putting a blonde wig on and off and on again I heaed to Himley Hall and Gardens for a couple of hours, sat myself down in the coffee shop and wrote and wrote and wrote. Himley Hall is one of those places etched into my childhood psyche and it was so lovely to spend hours wandering round:

After that it rained. And rained. And rained some more. But I didn't care. The hotel bar was quiet so it was gin and writing and reading till the early hours. Sunday I made my way slowly back through more and more rain. Biblical style sheets of rain at times. But home now. Exhausted, in need of a break to recover from my break. But glad of the me time.

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  1. Can't believe I missed your visit! Gutted! You know Ben's arriving in the country today (watch out airport security!), so would be great to get everyone together while he's here, but most likely not possible!