Monday, June 08, 2009

Mayo, Kermode, Manchester, 2011 - I really shouldn't worry so....

Was reading the latest Word magazine tonight and one of the articles talked about Radio 5 moving to Manchester in 2011. But without Simon Mayo (amongst others). Now this shouldn't be something I'm thinking too much about really, but it's rather set me on a bit of a downer. Nothing too bad - I'm not that sad. But it does make me sad to think that a very enjoyable part of my week will potentially be lost.

I really enjoy getting home on a Friday lunchtime, settling back at the computer and listening to Simon Mayo's 5 Live afternoon show. The sports panel followed by Kermode and Mayo's film reviews that have transcended simple reviewing and become pure entertainment (or, as they often say: wittertainment) in itself. It's such an enjoyable afternoons listening, both live and later in the week on podcast that I'd be really sad to have to lose it.

The rumour is that Mayo will go to radio 2. I'm hoping that they'll let him ditch the music and keep his show exactly as it was on 5 live. I doubt they will, but I'm hoping anyway

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