Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spotify thoughts

Spotify is fast becoming my default music of choice at work. You know Spotify don't you? Free music service? Internet radio with exactly the playlist you want? Completely legal and beautifully easy too setup and use? Exactly. Bloody great.

I find myself using it at school as an extension of my music collection - sometimes playing stuff I've already got, sometimes playing unheard albums from folks I already like and sometimes listening to whatever hot young thing is making the most press that week.

It's turned into an invaluable service, allowing me to keep a little bit more up to date, find out what I really, really want and be able to hold my head up in music conversations with all the young things.

Which brings me to Little Boots. Beloved of the thinking press, touted as the next big thing on the back of a couple of songs and nearly completely unknown to me before now. I saw her do a bit on Jools a while back and thought it was good. Especially the new single New In Town (You Tube). And then it starteed playing around in my head. One of those songs that sticks and sticks. So I stick it on Spotify and listen to it. And again, and again, and again. It's pretty fantastic stuff. Sure, it's pushing every 1980s synth-pop button that it should and it's highly derivative. (If I were ladytron right now I'd be really, really pissed off). But it's also bloody great pop fun.

And all thanks to Spotify. What will be on the playlist tomorrow at work?

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