Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steve Bisette's Taboo Origin tales.....

Steve Bissette's (and John Totleben's) Taboo was a truly revolutionary thing back in the 80s. A ground-breaking indy published horror anthology bringing the best of established and emerging comic talent out in a beautifully presented graphic novel package. It introduced From Hell and Lost Girls, attracted all sorts of trouble from customs officials around the world declaring it obscene and generally made a big name for itself.

Steve Bissette is now doing a series of posts on his blog detailing the genesis of the magazine born in the creative fire of the late 80s where everyone who was anyone in comics seemed to be branching out into self publishing. And not surprisingly Dave Sim was in the background encouraging everyone to go for it. There's fascinating background stuff, great primary source material and much more. It's looking like a really interesting source of reding for weeks to come.

Star here at Bissette's blog.

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