Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tinkering, tinkering, but resisting the temptation to change that bloody template.....

Spent the last hout tinkering with the blog. But I've been really good. A while ago I promised myself I would leave the damn template well enough alone. Bloggings not a fashion thing, it's not about how good your blog looks or how flash it is. I can leave well enough alone and just get on with writing (or maybe sleep - I hear that's good as well).

But tonight the urge to tinker and tidy came upon me. So I've changed a few colours here and there, messed around with a few things, moved some stuff around and severely crunched the sidebar. With over 250 comic review sitting on there it was beginning to get very, very long indeed and a bit stupid.

So now there's a section in the sidebar marked Fictions Comic Reviews which points to this post - a complete A-Z listing of every damn review on the blog. One day Blogger will get around to giving us the ability to use pages rather than posts for this sort of thing, just like Wordpress does. But until that point this will have to do.

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