Monday, July 20, 2009

Holiday time - this relaxing is all well and good ..... but:

Spent the weekend relaxing. A relatively new experience for me. But there's only so much relaxing I can do. Especially when my reviews to do shelf looks like this:

And yes, to my shame it does include things like Tamara Drewe, Alice In Sunderland, American Flagg and more that I haven't gotten round to yet. 36 reviews to get done at the moment, with more review copies expected this week. This is not a complaint. I love getting all of these great books in the post. Just trying to give you an indication of what my holiday is going to consist of.

49 days of holiday left.
36 reviews.
That's possible. Right?

Update, more arrived: 48 days of holiday, 42 reviews. Help!.

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