Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last week of term update

Final week of term: Day One.
Busy? Oh yes. I'm having to get everything done in addition to getting all the usual stuff I have to do - pupils in the ict suite, teaching, responding to all the daft stuff that goes wrong with the computers (or rather, all the daft things that staff manage to do to the computers). But despite this I'm just about on course to actually finish on time. I could, of course, actually get some things done in the holidays but I really want those 7 weeks off to be completely school free weeks.

So onwards. Four days to go. My only problem now is that I find myself absolutely wiped out. I'm coming home, crashing and only recovering enough to do either a bit of schoolwork or a bit of blogging. Reviews are almost out of the question - brain just not functioning enough for that. Maybe in a couple of days. Maybe next week. I'll just get this week out the way first.

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