Monday, July 20, 2009

Mustard # 4 - funny comedy mag with added Alan Moore

Mustard # 4

Editor / Designer Alex Musson

Self Published.

Mustard 4 cover

I Came to this one rather late after reading about the big Alan Moore interview in this issue somewhere online. I’m even later reviewing it. So late in fact that by now it’s well into it’s recession driven hiatus. Which is rather a shame, because based on this issue, it’s actually a funny magazine about comedy.

Obviously the big draw for me is the Alan Moore interview. I’ve said before now that any interview with Moore is worth reading, no matter how many times he’s talking about the same sorts of things, there’s always something interesting in what he has too say. And so it is here. It’s a big interview; 15 pages of dense stuff, but very well designed dense stuff. Lots of information on each page but all laid out in a nice, visually appealling style. Like it says in the lead in… “And boy, can he talk”.

But once the Moore interview was read and digested I turned my attention to the rest of the magazine. And the actual comedy bits of it are very good indeed.

Think of it perhaps as a more grown up Viz mag. There’s spoof articles such as “Cruel Prank Targets Nation’s Arsewits: Thousands of young men across Britain have been fooled by a new lad’s mag that covertly featured interesting, informative and non-nudity related articles“. Then there’s single panel gag strips, spoof movie news, book reviews and much more.


It’s a real shame that Mustard #4 may well be the last one available for a while, but I’d still recommend heading off to your local Borders to see if they still have the issue. Or alternatively go to the Mustard website to pick up all 4 issues.

A funny magazine about comedy. Indeed it is.

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