Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Holiday 2009. Day 1 / Day 2. Relax.

In a surprise move, I've been neglecting the blog for the last few days or so.

Last week it was all about being utterly, absolutely exhausted and desperately trying to get a few things finished at night before the end of the school term and desperately trying to finish up a couple of halfway written reviews that were causing me grief. But the last couple of days I've actually done very little online at all, checked a couple emails, surfed a little. Most of the last couple of days has been spent relaxing, reading and generally enjoying the start of the holidays.

And what holidays they are. ecause of the way it's worked out this year we've actually got a complete 7 weeks off. I've never known this before. 6 weeks is long but this is amazing. With the extra weekend at the end of the holidays that makes for a stunning 5 days. 51!

So I figure a few days off isn't going to hurt too much.

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