Saturday, July 11, 2009

Torchwood: Children Of Earth

Bloody hell, that was really good, old fashioned British Sci-Fi at it's best wasn't it?

We had Molly's school summer fair tonight and Louise was out with friends for a drink afterwards so it was just Molly and myself to watch the final episode. Having previously blogged about how it didn't think it was really worth putting out after the watershed I have to admit that this episode was the one that really meant it was too adult for Molly. She was in floods of tears halfway through with the abduction of the children and I had to try to reassure her that it was just a story and that I'd never, ever let that happen to her. Sufficiently calmed down we watched the last 20 minutes and she was weeping again as she realised that Jack's grandson had to be sacrificed. No explaination would suffice. A reasssuring hug for the last ten minutes had to do.

Truly great stuff. Old fashioned Brit Sci-Fi - chillingly low key stuff. But does this really mean the end for Torchwood? I really hope not. Especially if they can do it this well. License fee justified yet again.

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