Sunday, August 02, 2009

The banking crisis explained by the Now Show

As we sit, post holiday, amid the carnage of credit card receipts and bank statements wondering exactly how we make 20p stretch for the rest of August, it's always nice to listen to the Now Show; Radio 4's topical satire show with Punt and Dennis, Marcus Brigstocke, Mitch Benn et al.

I've just heard a 2 minute children's explanation of the entire banking crisis, using Homer Simpson, Bob The Builder, Miss Piggy, Scooby Doo and many more in a game of imaginary pass the parcel. Perfect. And funny.

Okay, back to the finances. Anyone fancy sponsoring a family like that hideous Channel 4 programme Louise was watching on holiday?

Was it just me or did you think it was horribly, horribly exploitative and just a new low-point for Channel 4? I'd love to be rich enough to be able to give that much money to charity and I'm sure that the poor family in question found the money life-changing but there are better ways to do it than the sort of public humiliation and pompous backslapping Channel 4 broadcast. I remember when Channel 4 had a remit beyond exploitative reality shows. I'm not sure Channel 4 remember that anymore.

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